Supplying ITU E.164 ENUM Resources

With the onset of NGN a new route and service discovery architecture is required to handle the growth of new next generation all IP-based networks and services. ENUM – ITU  E.164 numbering resources will become essential to meet the requirements for interconnects.



Inter Service Provider IP communications are starting to evolve to support services other than GPRS Roaming. Many, if not all, of these services rely upon DNS.



Private Infrastructure ENUM. Provides full benefits of improved routing and interoperability for Operators and Carriers with existing peering agreements.



SIP VoiP trunking and leased cost routing. Call 883100 a smart number. Call “Carrier ENUM” OTT signaling, fact is that we and our routing partners can save you a pack of money.


Provides for applications where large numbers of iMSIs are required like automotive, asset tracing, fleet management or GSM Roaming est.

The ITU defined a NGN as:

“A Next Generation Network (NGN) is a packet-based network able to provide Telecommunication Services to users and able to make use of multiple broadband, QoS-enabled transport technologies and in which service-related functions are independent from underlying transport-related technologies. It offers unrestricted access by users to different service providers. It supports generalised mobility which will allow consistent and ubiquitous provision of services to users.”

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